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 Post subject: By-Laws for Ballas Guild
PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2007 4:34 am 
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Before applying, please read this rules carefully and apply if and only if you agree with them.

The following are guild rules in no particular order of importance.

1. Check the forums daily: There is important information on them that can only be conveyed in a web interface setting.

2. Two week raiding policy for new members: just like buying a gun, before you can acquire loot. During that time you should be focusing on performing at 110%. Show the officers you deserve better loot. If no one else needs it this rule can be waved but is at the discretion of the raid leader.

3. Loot Council: Loot will ultimately be decided by officers and the GM for 25 man raid content. Loot for first kills will not go to Trials unless it is not needed by any members. This method for distributing loot allows the best decision to be made. Hopefully this is also the fairest decision as well. Ideally the best loot distribution would be a /roll if everyone in the guild was at the same skill/activity level, however this is not the case. Those that work their tails off to be the best they can will be rewarded accordingly. Make your contributions known so that your consideration for loot is greatly weighed in your favor.

4. Not and Upgrade, Pass: Loot that isn?t an upgrade should be sharded and used for guild enchants. This requires that you know what loot you need before encountering a boss. This list should be posted in advance under the respective forms.

5. Learn to take a joke: We are not a children's guild. There will be a lot of inappropriate things that will be said in guild that are simply jokes. If something someone says is extremely offensive to you, then private message that person and tell them how you feel. If there is still a problem, ask an officer or guild master to step in.

6. Not during a Raid: There will be absolutely no argument regarding the raid rules during the raid. Any suggestions that you may have to improve/change the raid rules should be made before or after the raid...NEVER during.

7. Banks: All items received in lower level guild raid materials (5 man) are property of the guild. We primary need enchanting materials for the Guild enchanting bank so that we may provide you in turn with free enchants for your gear. We understand you need gold to repair however you must also understand that we need to all contribute to help one another be successful. If this means that you need to use your trade skills, quest, etc to make money then do so.

8. Drama: If there is a problem between two people or more, resolve it in whispers. Don't discuss the problem in guild chat, raid chat, party chat, or through voice communication mid-raid. If the problem cannot be resolved between the individuals, then ask an officer to resolve the matter. If the officers cannot fix the problem, then the guild master will make the final decisions.

9. Performance: If you are given a spot in a raid group and you do not perform with the standard that your gear would allow you to then you will be confronted after the raid in a private setting and asked to explain what hindered your performance. If you cannot provide an explanation you will be directed to your class forms on Worldofwarcraft.com and asked to do some further research into your class mechanics. You will also be less likely to get a spot in future raids until you can prove your worth in a raid environment again, via a 5 man or some other setting. This is simply to help you and the guild, it is not a punishment. Allowing you to continue to raid with the current problem would hinder guild progression and hinder your full potential as being the best at your class that you can be. Please take all criticism as positive and work toward bettering yourself as all times. Be humble.

10. Phasing out: If you feel you that you have come to the point in your WoW career that RL > WoW we understand that. We ask that you give us a two week notice before you quit the game. We need time to replace you. Just like at any job this is a hard to rule to enforce so we are asking out of courtesy. You leaving before adequate backup has arrived could break up the guild if you are of a key role. Just remember your actions affect more than just you.

Being a member of <Ballas> implies that you agree with all rules listed above and agree with them in addition intend to follow them. Any questions should be directed to an officers attention via Private Message on the forums or in-game mail box. Please understand when officers on online they are usually trying to organize a raid so there is little time to deal with private whispers. Thank you for your cooperation!

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